SeCCI National Tribal Grounds Protocol

Going to Water

*  Two bowls will be set out South of the Council House.  The Northern one is for women and the Southern one is for men.

*  We bathe facing East, dipping our hands into water in front of us and then applying it to our body 7 times.



*  There will be a men's line and a women's line.  Men smudging men and women smudging women.

*  Breathe in the smudge deeply and prayerfully thank the Creator.


The Council House

*  We enter the Council House through the Eastern Gate.

*  The Fire Mound is inside the inner poles.  This is the place of the Kire Keeper.  To enter the Inner Circle, go to the South Gate and ask permission of the Fire Keeper.  You may only do so with his acceptance.

*  The sacred circle is defined by cornmeal and will often be around the inner poles.

*  NEVER enter the Council House when carrying "negativity" (disrespect and hurtful attitudes).

*  Women must never enter the Council House while on their moon.

*  If you are in Mourning and would like to enter the Council House, please ask permission from the Principal Chief to be released from Mourning.

*  NO ONE MAY ENTER the Council House if they have consumed alcohol, illegal drugs, or mnd altering substances in the 24 hours prior to ceremony.

*  The Tribal Marshal reminds all present on the Grounds that absolutely NO firearms, illegal drugs or alcohol are permitted and all are asked to leave these items at home.  If you have any questions in this regard, please address them with the Tribal Marshal.

*  There is a log at the north side of the Eastern Gate where ALL WEAPONS are to be left until after the Ceremony.



*  Ceremonial Team will provide 4 altars for ceremony in the Council House.

*  Please do not touch or handle items on any of these altars.


Directions for Ceremonial Protocol

*  The order of the Procession to the Council House is:  A Black Wolf Warrior, the Ceremonial leader, the Principal Chief and her Personal Guards, Clan/Band Chiefs, Veterans, Elders, all others according to age from the oldest to youngest and ends with a Black Wolf Warroior.

*  The Processional Black Wolf Warrior leader becomes the guard for the Western Gate.

*  The Black Wolf Warrior guard at the end of the procession becomes the guard at the Eastern Gate.

*  During Ceremonies the Black Wolf Warrior at the Western and Eastern Gates will be seen to be facing outward and may carry their weapons.  No weapons are allowed in the Council House.

*  Always enter and exit from the East Gate and move in a clockwise direction.


Our Ceremonies

*  You may bring gifts of sage, tobacco, and/or flowers for the Mound.  Please give them to the Ceremonial Leader.

*  You may bring gifts of wood.  Please give them to the Fire Keeper.

*  You are encouraged to wear at least one piece of regalia to Ceremonies.

*  At the end of Ceremonies, please fall in line behind the Ceremonial Team to exit the Council House and share hugs with one another.

*  Generally a feast will follow each ceremony.

*  IT IS NEVER PERMITTED AT ANY TIME to photograph or film the Council House including the Fire Mound or any Ceremonies!  Before taking photos or film of people please get their permission.



*  Generally, only men who are Tribal members may be Fireguards.

*  The Fire Keeper will organize the starting of, caring for, and guarding of the Fire until it is extinguished.


Sunrise Prayers

*  The conch shell may be sounded.

*  The Ceremonial Team will gather.

*  All will go to water and then are smudged.

*  Enter quietly through the Eastern Gate and face East until the sun can be seen.


Closing of the Sacred Fire

*  The final thing we do is to gather around the fire on the Fire Mound which has been allowed to go out and the Fire Keeper will ask for "Safe Journey Prayers."

*  You may ask the Fire Keeper for coal(s) from the Fire to take to your Home Fire.


Tribal Grounds

*  Never bring "negativity" (disrespect and hurtful attitudes) to the National Tribal Grounds.

*  Always remember, we are teaching the children through our actions.

*  If you know of or see any use of drugs, alcohol, gambling or firearms on the Tribal Grounds, immediately contact the Tribal Marshal who has been instructed to enforce the Tribal Grounds' Rules and By-laws and will contact the Thomas County Sheriff if necessary.

*  Men and women are brothers and sisters, so let us always honor each other with kindness and respect regrdless of our ages.



*  First Aid station is located in the trailer south of the information center.

*  Please take care to avoid being bitten by fire ants or snakes.  Snakes are especially prevalent around the pond and firewood storage areas.

*   Parents please accompany and supervise YOUR children at all times.



*  Guests are welcome to all of our Ceremonies.

*  IT IS NEVER PERMITTED AT ANY TIME to photograph or film the Council House including the Fire Mound or any Ceremonies!  Before taking photos or film of people,
please get their permission.

Photos of our beautiful National Tribal Grounds can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Photos of our grounds and happy times with members of SeCCI.

Principal Chief Vivian Panther Lawson
with a group of Mothers and their children.

Taken at the SeCCI National Tribal Grounds
Council House on National SeCCI Tribal Grounds
Our Tribal Drum
Lee Uwoyeni Billingsley, James Black Wolf Hansen,
Randy Brother Wolf Gilland, Tony Ledford, Jeff Star Hawk Kingsley
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SeCCI Ceremonial Bridge
The Traveler's Information Center
Our Medicine Wheel
SeCCI National Tribal Grounds
From left to right:
Rick Runningbear Dunifer, Donny Stone Bear Cummings, James Black Wolf and Troy Night Walker Hitt
SeCCI members love to dance!
Lee Uwoyeni Billingsley telling stories to the young members
SeCCI Tribal Members gathering for a feast
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