The Southeastern Cherokee Council Inc. organization  was formed and incorporated in November 1976 and was recognized by proclamation, signed by Governor George Busby, in December 1976.  We are over 6080 members strong.  We DO NOT claim to be either state or federal recognized, nor do we claim affiliation with either the Eastern or Western bands of Cherokee.  We do, however, claim the RIGHT to be and say who we are!  Cherokee mixed blood decendants, with a desire to make life better for all Native Americans.  
Our goals are to perpetuate the culture, history, tradition and religion of the Cherokee people and all Native Americans.  To protect and care for Mother Earth and All Creations. To educate not only our decendants, but others who have a desire to learn the Cherokee way and Native American culture.  To protect and repatriate the remains of Ancient Native Americans so they may continue their journey in peace.  To set an example for all to see, of what a Cherokee really is and what it means to walk the Red Road.  With the hope and prayer in our heart that one day, all Native Americans will come together as one for the common good of all. 
If you are of mixed blood decendants who desire to make a connection to your Native American roots with a desire to work to make life better for all Native Americans then we welcome your application.  If however your only desire is monetary or prestigious gain, then do not apply.  We are not about what we can get, but what we can do for others.
Principal Chief Panther

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